Air-conditioning (climate control) what is this?

This is a cooling system that operates independently of the heating and provides comfortable cabin temperature during the warm days. When the car has air conditioning (climate control), you can completely control the temperature in all seasons. Proper body temperature is between 22 and 25 degrees. The maximum recommended difference between the exterior and the interior temperature is 10 degrees.

With air conditioning (climate control) you can:

  • to travel with the windows closed (more economical and silent)
  • to limit dust, heat and external odors (air conditioner (ECC) cools the air, reduces humidity limits particulate matter, pollen and micro-organisms. It is recommended for people with allergies.);
  • To reduce driver fatigue (including air conditioning (climate control) helps the driver to feel alert and refreshed and be more cautious and more focused on driving);
  • To increase road safety and driving comfort (air conditioning (climate control) eliminates the discomfort of driving perspiring windows on rainy or cold weather).How does it work?

The principle of operation is the same as at home refrigerator – the system is airtight. It contains the following major components:

  • compressor installed on vehicle engine and driven by the track, V-belt or direct drive;
  • connector on the compressor or command valve;
  • condenser (heat exchanger) mounted in front of the car in front of the water heater;
  • condenser fan;
  • filter-drier, which removes dirt, small particles and moisture in the system;
  • evaporator mounted radiator heating before;
  • fan evaporator;
  • thermo-regulation valve, providing evaporation (evaporation of refrigerant takes the heat from the heated air in the cabin. Also thermo-regulation valve regulates the flow of refrigerant.);
  • tubes and hoses that connect the components listed;
  • electrical equipment (pressure switches, sensors, cables, etc.).

How often should I check the air conditioner (ECC)?

At least once a year in professional service as the best time is in the spring before the heat occurred.

How often should I change THE filter body?

At least once a year or every 10,000 km (whichever comes first).

Do I need to change the filter the drier?

Yes, only if the specialist decides that is necessary.

Does I need to change or “refreshes” the freon?

No, because the system is pressurized.

How often should be fed system?

The system needs recharging only in the event of failure and leakage.

What is the difference between air conditioning and climate control?

The difference is in management: when climate control is automatic, while the air conditioner is manual. When set temperature climate control and electronics selects the degree of ventilation and airflow direction, while the unit manually choose the ventilation rate, direction and temperature. All other details of the climate system are the same.

Spend more you car when running the air conditioner (ECC)?

Yes, the usual fuel consumption increases by about 10%.

Can I truly while using air conditioning (climate control)?

It is possible if you use it on a long journey and air conditioning (ECC) is set at the lowest temperature and aimed at your chest.

When I stop the car, find a puddle underneath it, this issue is it?

No, it’s normal drainage system.

Can I use air conditioning (climate control) in winter?

It is desirable to turn it on at least once a month for about 5 minutes. The easiest way is by “sweating” on the windshield to press for drying, thus include air conditioning mode of drying.

When it rains, I get sweaty glass. What is the reason?

One possible reason is dirty filter body and the other is damaged valve. Also continuously operating fan body only internal circulation.

The air conditioner (ECC) for my old freon R12, what can I do?

In this case washing was performed, replacement of certain parts and switching to R-134a.

Will you damage the air conditioner (ECC) if you open the window?

Not only will reduce its effectiveness.

Is it true that the air conditioner (ECC) warm?

No, the car warm heating and air conditioning (ECC) just cool.

Check air conditioning (climate control). What do we?

  • We check the attachment of basic components and wiring.
  • check for leaks – visual or by color.
  • Checking the amount of refrigerant, for possible damage due to decreased amount of freon or oil.
  • Check the pressure and temperature.

Periodic inspection will provide carefree operation and save you money.

Your air conditioning (climate control) does not work properly?

Make an appointment and bring the car with us.

We will make a quick and accurate diagnosis of your air conditioning (climate control).

We will make a proposal for repairs that you have the right to accept or decline.

Most needed parts we have them in stock.

Those who do not have in stock, we can quickly deliver.

In case you do not want to repair, pay only diagnosis.

Check your air conditioning (climate control) time and not wait for the last moment. If you decide to check the condition of the air conditioning (climate control) immediately prior to your holiday, or when already occurred heat, you may have had to wait longer than usual because of the lack of free classes or machines.