A good solution for your car.

In the Catalog, you can find over 6,000 parts for your car. Compressors, thermostats, etc.

Thanks to our years of experience and continuous technical progress, our company is a leader in the industry for additional installation and servicing of extras and accessories.

Air conditioning systems for cars and trucks. (More..)

Air conditioning equipment for passenger and specialized vans. (More..)

Air conditioning equipment for tractors and specialty vehicles. (More..)

Air conditioning systems for vehicles. (More..)

Refrigeration units and cooling systems. (More..)

Audio and multimedia, GPS satellite alarms and standard alarms. Parking sensors and blutuut, Accessories 4 x 4 vehicles. (More..)



A good solution for your car.


In November 1993 the company was founded as ET "SHEN-Stefan Petkov".

From December 1993 start of the actual activity as mounting accessories: Cassette, Audio, spoilers, moldings and more.

Since April 1994 the company began importing and installation of air conditioners and spare parts.

September 1996 was founded this company SHEN Company as a limited liability company with 100% private ownership. From October 1996 the company has warranty service for air conditioners and electrical systems on Nissan - Nissan Bulgaria.

Since the beginning of 1997 the company started direct import of accessories for off-road vehicles from Promyges S.A. - Espana. April 1997 began a full repair of compressors, production of hoses, working with its own charging station "Refco".

December 1998 began importing air conditioning systems for buses and vans.
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Any problem you have can be solved thanks to its quick response based on the rich stock and high-tech equipment for servicing cars. We sell original and alternative spare parts with perfect quality.

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